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Online UPS

Eco-Smart Lp Series [ Range- 1Kva -3Kva ]
This series is a low power online Double conversion UPS. With power factor correction upto unity. UPS is having built in static bypass and software compatibility and SNMP compatibility also. Superior Surge Protection Circuit Is Built In at the Input End.

Transformer less high frequency design facilitates you to install required power with minimum foot print, because of PFC charger it works with better efficiency and requires less peak power compare to conventional Online UPS and minimizes your electricity bill.

The standard UPS is coming with inbuilt Static bypass allows you to go for hot standby with out additional circuitry. This is an economic and eco- friendly UPS suitable for small office, diagnostic centers, online booking counters and internet surfing centers etc.,
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Ups manufacturers in bangalore


Smart Mp Series [ Range 5Kva - 20Kva ]
This is a medium power Online double conversion UPS with power factor correction And available in Single phase input - single phase output and three phase input - single phase output.

This series coming with built-in transformer for Galvanic isolation between input and output and suitable for applications requires isolation from input to output and places where lot of power disturbances and lightening effects.

Applications : Medical equipments, embroidery machines , Small design house, Nursing homes , schools , labs , research centers, digital colour labs , small flexi printing machines etc.,
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Ups suppliers in bangalore


Mega Power Sp series [ Range 10Kva - 100Kva ]
This is a high power Online double conversion UPS with rugged design for Industrial environment and suitable for high end power requirements. It can withstand vibrations , dust, mechanical stress and other environmental disturbances. Available in three phase input - single phase output and three phase input - three phase output. This series coming with built-in transformer for Galvanic isolation between input and output and suitable for applications requires isolation from input to output. With better crest factors suitable for loads with surge current requirements.

Applications : Best suitable for CNC machines , high end printing machines, IT companies , BPOs , hotels , hospitals, Development centers, petrochemicals, power generating stations, telecom etc.,
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Industrial ups manufacturers


Hercules HD – series ( Virtual Online) [ Range: 650VA – 10Kva ]
This LI UPS is widely used for PC applications and some medical equipments also. It is having Built –in AVR to regulate the mains voltage to offer wide input window. Its transfer time from mains to Inverter is very less and it is synchronized with the
Input mains supply, so you can fell there is no transfer time even using a oscilloscope, so this series of Line interactive UPS is called virtual online UPS.

Applications: Mainly used for PCs in Cyber café, computer labs in school ,colleges, Training institutes, cad centers, etc.,

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SleekPac - Series [ Range: 650VA - 1500VA ]
This series of LI UPS is mainly used for saving the data and shutting down the PC. It can offers a back up of 10 Minutes to 30 minutes, having SMF battery inside the UPS . It is easy to use and most economical and maintenance free, you may have to replace the battery when you feel back up is inadequate.

Better choice for single PC used in home applications and small offices having generator back up.
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SleekPac - Series / line interactive ups suitable for home or office


Home UPS [ DX - series ]
This UPS is normally called as Domestic Inverter, it doesn't have built in AVR but it will protect connected load from mains high voltage. For specific application this UPS can be made as combined load by enabling high and low cutoff on mains with low transfer time to take care of a computer load. For critical computer applications other than domestic we will recommend Line Interactive UPS or Online UPS only.
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