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Q1. What capacity UPS I have to buy.
We suggest you to make a list of your load and see their power requirements given in their manuals or you can check this on the sticker at the back panel of the equipment. Total all the power after converting into VA or Watts then you can decide on the capacity of the UPS required for your load.
Q2. What should I do if my UPS doesn't work?
It is mainly caused by weak battery. You may leave the UPS charging overnight and see if it works. If it still does not work, you may try to replace UPS batteries. For any question about battery replacement for different models, please contact your local TPC representative for technical support.
Q3. Why my UPS only run in battery mode?
Please check the following possibilities:
  • Please check if the input power cord is firmly connected to UPS and to utility.
  • Please check if the utility power is over or under UPS input voltage range. The UPS might always run in battery mode if the utility voltage is not normal.
  • Please check if the fuse or input circuit breaker on the back of the UPS is blown or tripped. As it might due to overload or power surge, check the load level & utility power after you replace the fuse. If none of the above possibilities is the cause, please contact your local TPC service provide for help.
Q4. When Battery requires replacement and how I have to do it?
When UPS working on battery check the back up time, if it is coming too less and battery charging voltage and current are normal . then check the distill water level and see the frequency of the power cuts. Every thing you feel normal but back up is too less and batteries also old then batteries may requires replacement, please contact nearest TPC representative for further clarifications.
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