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Servo stabilizer manufacturers in  Bangalore


Servo Stabilizers

Servo Voltage Stabilizer [ Range 1KVA to 20KVA (1ph i/p & 1ph o/p) ]
                                             [ Range 3KVA to 500KVA(3ph i/p & 3ph o/p) ]

TPC Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an effective solution for the problem of voltage fluctuation. TPC Servo fulfills the need of regulated power from an unregulated power supply and sophisticated equipments.

They are available in various ranges both in single and three phase and are designed to give a stabilized output within 1% of the set output voltage. A state of art technology is used for designing the control circuit. The output wave form is completely distortion free and regulation is independent of load and power factor.


  • Availability of Cubicle or Panel type construction. to suit your space requirements in air cooled model.
  • Compatible to Generator supply.
  • Faster speed? correction.
  • High Torque AC/DC Motors.
  • No waveform distortion.
  • Rugged and Reliable.
  • Suitable for indoor / outdoor applications.
  • Unaffected by load power factors.
  • Wide input variation capability.  

Optional features:

  • Automatic by pass facility.
  • Built in Isolation transformer.
  • Digital frequency meter with frequency limit trip.
  • Overload and short circuit through MCB/MCCB. 

Computers, Communication Equipment, Medical Equipment, Special Purpose Machines and other Industrial Equipment

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servo controlled voltage stabilizer manufacturers in bangalore


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