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Tubular battery manufacturers in  Bangalore




TPC tubular batteries are designed for heavy duty usage, low maintenance, long life and high performance. Batteries are the major investment in UPS application , so we are focused much on extending battery life and performance. When the battery used with TPC UPS having better battery management controls will give extended life for batteries.

TPC Batteries are assembled with tubular positive and pasted negative plates made of a special alloy. They are provided with transparent sealed float indicators and micro porous Aqua Trap vent plugs, which allow generated gas to escape and traps water particles, returning the major portions to the electrolyte. This reduces the frequency of topping up.

With proper voltage control, the frequency of topping up will be about once in six months in case of 12V batteries and in case of 6V batteries with an extra electrolyte head, the frequency of topping up will be once in a year.

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Battery manufacturers in bangalore


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